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Unveiling the Thrills and Opportunities of Season 2 in the NEXT Golf TourIntroduction

In the ever-evolving world of professional golf, the NEXT Golf Tour has emerged as a game-changer, blending cutting-edge technology and real-world opportunities for golfers worldwide. As we gear up for Season 2, Any Time Golf is excited to delve into the details of this groundbreaking tour and the exciting developments on the horizon.

A Recap of Season 1:

The inaugural season of the NEXT Golf Tour witnessed the participation of 994 golfers hailing from 41 countries, competing fiercely for a total purse of $876,100. The success of Season 1 not only demonstrated the potential of indoor simulators but also showcased Trackman's instrumental role in helping professional golfers achieve their goals.

European Tour Partnership:

Building on the success of Season 1, Trackman forged a partnership with the European Tour group. The top male performer of Season 2 will have the incredible opportunity to play in three Challenge Tour events and one DP World Tour event in 2024. This partnership underscores the importance of NEXT in making the game more accessible and developing future golfing stars.

Season 2 Highlights:

Virtual golf meets real opportunity in Season 2 of the NEXT Golf Tour. The tour consists of seven mixed-field, individual stroke play events on select Trackman virtual golf courses. The entry fee remains at $130, with $100 of each entry fee added to the purse, ensuring higher payouts as the field size grows.

Exciting "side games" with substantial payouts, such as closest-to-pin, longest drive, and birdie streaks, continue to be a crowd favorite, providing players with additional earning potential.

Season 2 Course Lineup:

The tour kicks off at the iconic Marco Simone Golf & Country Club (Nov. 24–Dec. 3), followed by Medinah Country Club (Dec. 8–17) and the Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course (Jan 5–14). Courses for Rounds 4–7 will be revealed soon, promising a diverse and challenging lineup.

What's New for Season 2:

Season 2 introduces several enhancements to elevate the player experience:

  1. Expanded Fields: Each of the first six events is now open to 1,000 players, with a purse of $200,000 for standard full-field events.

  2. Elevated Events: Rounds 3 and 6 are designated as elevated events, featuring a boosted purse of $50,000.

  3. Larger Winners' Checks: First place in Rounds 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 is now fixed at $30,000, while elevated events see champions taking home $50,000.

  4. Manual Putting: Starting from Round 3, players will putt manually when outside gimme range, adding a new layer of skill to the competition.

  5. NEXT Recorder App: Players will utilize the NEXT Recorder app to record their rounds, with automatic video uploads to Trackman after each hole.

  6. Live Leaderboards: Fans can now follow players' rounds in near-real time, enjoying a split-screen view of every shot on every hole.

As we embark on Season 2 of the NEXT Golf Tour, the stage is set for an even more thrilling and rewarding experience. With expanded fields, elevated events, and innovative features, the NEXT Golf Tour continues to push the boundaries of virtual golf, offering players unprecedented opportunities and fans an immersive viewing experience. The journey to build the biggest professional tour in the world has begun, and the NEXT Golf Tour invites players, facility owners, and Trackman enthusiasts to join in the excitement. The sky is the limit, and together, we can chase down our dreams and have some fun along the way!


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